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Fight the battle against the inconvenince and worry with this wireless alert that let's any caregiver know that wetness has occurred. Reduce UTIs, skin irritation, and odor with faster action through immediate alerts, both audible and vibration, to the receiver - up to about 100 feet away. EASY!  EFFECTIVE! INEXPENSIVE!

Incontinence Alert Device

    • small and easy to use. Transmitter and receiver connect wirelessly. Caregiver can put the receiver next to a pillow, on a bedside table, or monitor their loved one's urine status from another room for practicality.
    • Audible or Vibration Alarm or choose Audible+Vibration as a signal of wetness.
    • 72 hours long standby, USB charging - can be fully charged in 40 minutes, charging case can also be used as a storage box.
    • Very easy to operate - USB cable charging, safe and odorless, non-toxic and harmless.
    • Suitable for the elderly, infants, people with limited mobility or unable to take care of themselves. The urine alarm automatically senses incontinence to prompt caregivers to take care in time, providing better care and reduced dangerous incontinence complications.
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